Account Value Calculator

How to Calculate What My Account is Worth

Figuring out the value of your gaming account can be tricky. There are a few key factors to consider when calculating its worth, including the game itself, account level and progress, rare items, and overall demand. Read on for tips on valuing your account accurately.

First, look at the specifics of your account like its level, progress, achievements unlocked, and any rare items it contains. The higher level and more advancement, the more worthwhile generally. Also, limited edition skins, outfits, weapons and characters hold value. Check marketplaces to compare.

What Drives Account Value?

A major component is the game's popularity and what people are willing to pay. For example, a max level Fortnite account sells for more than most mobile games. Additionally, accounts with unlockables like Fortnite skins or League of Legends champions hold value.

When pricing your account, research selling prices for comparable accounts. Check PlayersLoot and other marketplaces to see current rates on similar accounts. Consider all factors like:

  • Game popularity
  • Account level and progress
  • High Adventure Rank (55+)
  • Rare skins and items
  • Ranked mode standing

Additionally, accounts with large friend networks can increase value for games like Roblox.

How Should I Price My Account?

Start by checking active listings for comparable accounts, both in terms of game, level, and rare items. List at the highest current price or slightly above if your account surpasses others in value.

For example, a Level 500 Fortnite account with rare Galaxy skin might sell for $400 currently. If yours is Level 600 with Galaxy and other elite skins, consider pricing around $450.

Monitor market rates too - if that Level 500 account starts selling for $300 regularly, adjust yours accordingly.

Valuing your gaming account accurately takes research into the current market. Check comparable accounts across leading marketplaces while considering factors like level, skins, and network size. Price on the higher end initially, adjusting as needed based on demand.

Yes, marketplaces charge commission fees from 10-15% on each successful sale. Compare rates across platforms.

Most marketplaces process payments via PayPal, debit/credit cards, cryptocurrency, and even wire transfers.

In some cases, yes. Unlocking hard-to-earn achievements indicates account progress, time spent, and value.

Reputable marketplaces offer buyer fraud protection and escrow services, adding more security than direct sales. 

Popular accounts tend to sell within 2-4 weeks on average. Be patient and promote your listing to drive buyer attention.

Most game terms prohibit account selling - consider risks involved. Use reputable marketplaces to reduce chances of issues.

Both account level and rare skins impact value. High levels show time investment so combine with rare items for max value.

Check comparable listing prices at least weekly. If the current market rate drops significantly below your ask, reduce yours accordingly.

The most valuable gaming accounts typically come from major multiplayer games like Fortnite, League of Legends, Clash of Clans, and Valorant. Rare skins and items drive top dollar prices.